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WiS Mentoring and Career Sponsorship

WiS Mentoring Program:

To be matched with a Mentor or Mentee, please sign up for the WiS Mentoring Program here.

About the WiS Mentoring Program

The Women in Securitization (WiS) Mentoring Program connects early- to mid-career women with experienced women in securitization who have similar interests or expertise. A WiS mentor can help guide the development of a more junior securitization professional by sharing experience and insight while offering support, encouragement, and useful information. The WiS program is structured with minimal guidelines so that you may develop your own process to build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship. 


Prospective mentors and mentees will be asked to complete a short survey to provide us with information about your personality, professional experience and the type of mentoring relationship you seek. Based on these responses, you will be matched with someone in your city or geographic region. For privacy reasons, all information submitted is kept confidential with SFIG.

Mentor-mentee relationships naturally evolve and run their course, so please keep us updated on the status of your mentor-mentee relationship. We can re-assign mentors and mentees when necessary. Your feedback will be kept confidential.


Once we receive indications of interest from new mentees and mentors, we will work though a matching process based on applicants’ locations, interests and expertise. Matches are based on the specifications of the mentee and mentor and we will make every effort to match pairs based on those preferences. After an email introduction, the progression of the mentoring relationship is up to the mentee and mentor.

SFIG staff and the Mentor & Career Sponsor Committee chairs for WiS are available to assist our mentors and mentees, in order to help facilitate the relationship. To further help you navigate your relationship with your mentor or mentee, we have also developed a comprehensive guide to our program.

Sign up for the WiS Mentor Program by expressing your interest here.


Our Mentoring Overview and Guide is available to aid Mentor’s and Mentee’s in building a successful relationship. We hope this resource will help all participants gain the most from this experience.

If you have any questions about our Mentor Program, please email WIS@sfindustry.org.


WiS Career Sponsorship:

About the WiS Career Sponsorship:

This program provides male and female executives the opportunity to take an active role in promoting and driving the careers of individual high-potential women within, or outside of, their organizations.

What is a Career Sponsor?

A senior person with influence who has power in an organization, who will use their internal political capital, personal credibility, and industry reputation to advocate on behalf of others.  Career Sponsors must be willing to break down barriers and strongly champion the sponsored individual – especially when faced with resistance from individuals or corporate bureaucracy.

What do Career Sponsors do?

Sponsors invest in the careers of others. They take an interest, not only out of altruism but because they see furthering others’ careers as helping their organization and the industry as a whole.  Career Sponsors better position women to advance in the workplace and to achieve their professional goals. 

WiS Career Sponsorship:

The program is structured with minimal guidelines so that you may develop your own dynamic process towards building a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.  Our guidelines:

  1. Identify an individual to sponsor
  2. Communication & Meetings: we recommend that sponsors connect monthly with their sponsored individual. This may be done via phone, video conference calls, or face-to-face
  3. Structure: SFIG and WiS will not provide significant structure to the program. SFIG and WiS will challenge Career Sponsors and push them to follow through on their commitment to actively engage with their sponsored individual. We may seek feedback from time to time, via email and survey, and provide resources and support to WiS members that are seeking a Career Sponsor
  4. Pledge: We ask our Sponsors to take the Pledge before moving ahead as a Career Sponsor

The Pledge:

“As a leader in my organization, I commit to becoming a Career Sponsor and furthering the career and goals of a woman in securitization. I will invest the time and effort necessary to provide guidance and actively advocate in support of their career objectives and advancement.”

Register here to become a Career Sponsor.

We welcome comments and suggestions for WIS events and programming.

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Women in Securitization

The Women in Securitization initiative is open to all securitization industry participants! Currently, more than 1,400 individual men and women are members of WiS, representing nearly 300 institutions.

Updates on WiS events will continue to be announced soon via SFIG’s weekly newsletter – click here to subscribe to SFIG’s newsletter distribution – and details will be posted to this page once available.

Watch this space!

Register for Women in Securitization today and learn about future events.

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