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WiS Education and Career Skills

The Structured Finance Industry Group ("SFIG") is pleased to welcome you to our Women in Securitization Education and Career Skills Program. This program aims to help the women of structured finance develop enhanced skills and gain knowledge that will empower them to succeed and advance in our industry.

The Education and Career Skills Program was created to provide members with opportunities and access to develop their professional and technical skills. Through programming and materials, we will provide a forum to help industry women:

  • Obtain training on technical structured finance topics,
  • Enhance professional development skills such as relationship building, networking, and communication; and,
  • Develop leadership attributes and capabilities.


Through a series of face-to-face meetings, web-based workshops, and interactive face-time seminars Women in Securitization will provide access to a broad range of programming designed to further the professional and subject matter specific development of our members.


The WiS Education and Career Skills subcommittee is launching study groups focused around specific areas of our industry. The Study groups will provide the opportunity to meet with their peers and colleagues and hold open discussion on hot topics and areas of importance.

Our initial study group offerings include Legal & Regulatory, Accounting, and Market-Based subject areas. Additional study groups are likely to be added in the future to meet member demand and interest.

To join a study group please contact:

Legal & Regulatory – Rachel George at george@chapman.com
Accounting – Lisa Filomia at lisa.filomia@ey.com
Market-Based – Helen Jones at helen.jones@sgcib.com

WiS Education and Career Skills will also hold bi-annual events to cover a wide range of structured finance topics and provide an open forum for industry women to discuss technical questions and developments.
Professional Skills Development

Professional development skills are critical to the development of successful women in structured finance. WiS Education and Career Skills members will be able to join in-person brown bag lunch events to focus discussion on networking, interpersonal communications, management, decision making, negotiation, career planning and personal advocacy, and skills development. We look to develop further programming to ensure that all WiS members can access information and networks that will help them grow and succeed professionally.


Stay tuned for the additional of specific materials relating to subject matter and professional skills development.

Please visit the Women in Securitization Library to access a collection of articles and stories focused on highlighting the issues, accomplishments, concerns and considerations of working women.

If you have any questions regarding the WiS Education and Career Skills Program, please email WiS@sfindustry.org.

We welcome comments and suggestions for WIS events and programming.

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Women in Securitization

The Women in Securitization initiative is open to all securitization industry participants! Currently, more than 1,400 individual men and women are members of WiS, representing nearly 300 institutions.

Updates on WiS events will continue to be announced soon via SFIG’s weekly newsletter – click here to subscribe to SFIG’s newsletter distribution – and details will be posted to this page once available.

Watch this space!

Register for Women in Securitization today and learn about future events.

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