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Discovering the Power of Grit at the WiS Year-End Event

On Monday, December 3, SFIG’s Women in Securitization (WiS) initiative welcomed nearly 100 industry participants to the WiS Year-End Event at the Law Offices of Paul Hastings in New York City. This year’s celebration featured a keynote address by Linda Kaplan Thaler, author and leadership speaker. Attendees enjoyed an inspirational program explaining how courage, resilience, initiative, and tenacity take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

The evening concluded with guests meeting Ms. Kaplan Thaler and receiving personalized signed copies of her book, Grit to Great.

Thank you to the 2018 WiS Sponsors for supporting the initiative – your donations and commitment to WiS make events like this possible! We look forward to more educational and exciting WiS events in 2019.

WiS Week 2018 Recap

In August, more than 300 attendees joined us for our WiS Week 2018 events across North America. Our WiS Week 2018 events featured Betsy Myers, Leadership Expert, Author, Speaker, and Consultant, who delivered a keynote to WiS members on the topic of “The Leader in You – How to Be Your Authentic Self While Also Being Strategic to Get Results.”

During her keynote, Betsy taught attendees how to navigate everyday situations in order to achieve the best possible outcome while still being true to themselves. True leadership, Betsy explains, is when you discover, understand, and embrace your own personal story and learn about the people around you and what they need. This combination enables leaders to create an environment and culture in which people offer their best selves.

On Tuesday, November 5, WiS and Betsy hosted part four of the WiS leadership webinar series. During the session, Betsy focused on the secret ingredient to leading others. Access the part four of the webinar series here

Click here to view parts onetwo, and three of Betsy's four-part webinar series.


SFIG and WiS Offer “WhiteSpace for WiS” Curriculum

SFIG and WiS are proud to deliver the next component of the “WhiteSpace for WiS” curriculum. The program was designed specifically for WiS in partnership with Juliet Funt, CEO of WhiteSpace@Work, to deliver her content to WiS members over the course of one year.

The curriculum was initially launched during WiS Week of August 2017 – those materials are accessible below.

We are pleased to provide the nine-module WhiteSpace@Work Digital Learning Course:

Module 1: Introduction to WhiteSpace Video | Handout

Module 2: The Hidden Cost of Busyness Video | Handout

Module 3: Social Conformity Video | Handout

Module 4: Redistributing Effort Video | Handout

Module 5: Redistributing Excellence Video | Handout

Module 6: Limiting Inputs Video | Handout

Module 7: Activity Video  | Handout

Module 8: Saying No Video | Handout

Module 9: WhiteSpace 101 Video | Handout

Finally, view Juliet Funt's live webinars to help you work smarter: How Busyness is Sabotaging Your Executive PresenceDefeating the Email Beast, and The Problem of Meetings.

Below please find the introductory content presented during WiS Week. The video links below each cover a different topic, and the three accompanying activities are contained in this worksheet.


The above links are to the Dropbox website, which we understand is blocked by some firms’ internet firewalls. If you cannot access these from your office, we recommend that you attempt to do so from your personal computer. 

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WiS Mentoring and Career Sponsorship

WiS has Mentor and Career Sponsor programs for industry professionals to advocate for women. The Mentor Program connects early-career women with experienced women in securitization. A Career Sponsor takes an active role to promote high-potential women in or outside their organizations.

• More Mentoring / Sponsorship

WiS Outreach and Industry Engagement

SFIG’s Women in Securitization Outreach and Industry Engagement team works to engage all members of the industry—male and female, from junior employees to senior level executives—in promoting and supporting the long-term participation by and success of women at all levels.

• More Outreach / Engagement

WiS Education and Career Skills

Through dynamic events and presentations Education and Career Skills programming aims to help the women of structured finance develop enhanced skills and gain knowledge that will empower them to succeed and advance in our industry. Learn more about Education and Career Skills!

• More Education / Skills

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Women in Securitization

The Women in Securitization initiative is open to all securitization industry participants! Currently, more than 1,400 individual men and women are members of WiS, representing nearly 300 institutions.

Updates on WiS events will continue to be announced soon via SFIG’s weekly newsletter – click here to subscribe to SFIG’s newsletter distribution – and details will be posted to this page once available.

Watch this space!

Register for Women in Securitization today and learn about future events.

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