White House Officials Meet with Fintech Leaders and Regulators

Last Friday, June 10th, White House officials met privately with regulators and leaders in the financial technology industry to discuss how the government can work with innovators, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.

Senior administration officials, stakeholders from financial institutions, startups and academia, and regulators were invited, according to a CoinDesk article, “to discuss how fintech can help advance critical economic policy priorities,” said Adrienne Harris, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy.

“Technology isn’t just changing the financial services industry, it’s changing the way consumers and business owners relate to their finances, and the way institutions function in our financial system,” said Ms. Harris, who led the event. “From consumers’ financial health to growing and managing small businesses; from cybersecurity to helping developing nations prosper; and from big data to blockchain—we spent the day identifying those areas where partnership across industries and between the public and private sectors can help advance our financial well-being and economic prosperity.”

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