White House Freezes New and Pending Regulations

Last Friday, January 20th, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus issued a memorandum to all executive departments and agencies to freeze new or pending regulations in order to give the new administration time to review them, according to a recent CNN article.

As CNN explains, this action halts any lingering policies from the Obama administration before they can be finalized, a somewhat standard move for a new administration, and will give the Trump administration an immediate impact on the regulations that Republicans have deemed burdensome on businesses.

This order represents a fairly common step in the presidential transition process and will only be in effect for a short time. Several regulatory experts also note that this freeze probably does not apply to most agencies that regulate securitization. Therefore SFIG will continue with business as usual and maintain its current policy priorities. SFIG will however pursue a clearer understanding of what impact the order will have on independent and partially-independent regulatory agencies.

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