SFIG Publishes Comparison of Industry GSE Reform Proposals

In anticipation of a broader push for housing finance reform in the upcoming year, SFIG has prepared two documents comparing 10 of the more talked about GSE reform proposals from various industry participants, think tanks, advocacy groups, and companies. The charts are broken down by date, with the first chart featuring five plans published from 2015-16, and the second chart featuring five plans published in 2017. The charts are meant to allow membership to more easily compare key aspects of each GSE reform proposal, highlighting differences and similarities. This document does not include all plans, and like its companion piece – the SFIG legislative reform comparison – it does not endorse one plan over the other.

SFIG remains committed to supporting a robust and liquid secondary mortgage market, which we believe requires a foundational set of principles, including: the preservation of the TBA market, the preservation of the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, a return to more historical balance of private and government guaranteed capital in the mortgage market, a level playing field and equal capital treatment for all participants, an explicit government guarantee of MBS, and an orderly and measured transition to the new system. As these plans continue to be considered, SFIG remains engaged with legislators and regulators, ensuring a smooth transition for the secondary market to whichever plan that is adopted.

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