SFIG Participates in the 2015 Australian Securitisation Conference

Earlier this week, SFIG’s Executive Director, Richard Johns, attended the 2015 Australian Securitisation Conference in Sydney. The conference focused on both domestic and global developments affecting the securitization market. Mr. Johns spoke on the “Securitisation Insight from Around the World” panel in which he gave an overview of the U.S. regulatory landscape and its effects on securitization.

Mr. Johns also met with Greg Medcraft and Steven Bardy of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and with representatives of the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association. The discussion focused specifically on standardization initiatives via, for example, “simple, transparent, and standardized” securitizations, RMBS 3.0, and the development of the China securitization market and marketplace lending platforms. In addition, Medcraft and Bardy provided interesting insights into the use of blockchain technology and its potentially revolutionizing impact on capital markets. We invite our readers to learn more about this technology and the views communicated by Medcraft in his speech to Carnegie Mellon University by reading this week’s Issue Spotlight.

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