SFIG Launches ERISA Task Force

SFIG is pleased to announce the formation of a new ERISA task force. Recognizing that since ERISA’s enactment in the 1970s, the structured finance market has experienced significant development, some of which could not have been envisioned by those who wrote it, SFIG has formed the Task Force to comprehensively review ERISA provisions as they relate specifically to structured finance.  Some focus areas already identified for industry discussion include:

•    Ambiguities among various provisions and/or exemptions

•    Unnecessary impediments to potential investment opportunities, which were not originally considered when enacted 

•    Cumbersome and time-consuming compliance

The Task Force is open to all SFIG members who have a legitimate interest in ERISA reform.  If you would like to participate in the ERISA Task Force, please contact michael.williams@sfindustry.org. 

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