RMBS 3.0 Ramps Up in 2017

With the Fifth Edition of the Green Papers behind us, SFIG is ramping up once again the RMBS 3.0 workstreams to continue its work in creating industry standards and best practices for PLS, with the aim of publishing a Sixth Edition this year. We will tackle various outstanding items in the RMBS 3.0 workstreams, such as, Bondholder Communication, Key Performance Indicators, Materiality, Litigation vs Arbitration, Breach Enforcement, and Reps & Warrants Sunsets. We held our initial kick-off call on Tuesday, March 28th, and there will be another identical kick-off call on Monday, April 3rd at 3:00 PM (ET).

After our next kickoff call, SFIG will update its rosters and leadership for each of these work streams, so look for communication coming soon. If you are interested in participating in the RMBS 3.0 kick-off call next week, want to take a more active role, or have specific questions about the initiative, please contact Dallin.Merrill@sfindustry.org or Michael.Williams@sfindustry.org

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