October 23, 2017 Alert - Direct United Way Campaign Contributions to the SFIG Foundation!

Many SFIG member institutions are actively involved in the United Way and its annual giving campaign to raise funds for important charities across the nation. On behalf of the SFIG Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, we would respectfully ask our SFIG member institutions to consider directing some portion of their annual United Way contribution to the SFIG Foundation (the United Way allows donors to direct their contributions to one or more organizations). Other than the proceeds raised through SFIG's Industry Dinner, individual contributions represent the largest potential source of funding for the SFIG Foundation. For those already making a United Way contribution, this is an easy way to show financial support for the SFIG Foundation without increasing the overall amount of your contribution. For those that are considering a new or first-time United Way contribution, this represents a wonderful opportunity to support the SFIG Foundation. Please see below for the information that is needed to direct a United Way contribution.

The SFIG Foundation was formed in June 2016 and supports educational opportunities for underserved youth. In its first year of operation, the SFIG Foundation provided $100,000 in college scholarships for 11 students. Profiles of each student can be found at: http://www.sfigfoundation.org/class-of-2021/. For information on the SFIG Foundation in general, please see www.sfigfoundation.org. Thank you for your support of the SFIG Foundation. 

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