October 13, 2017 Alert - SFIG Analysis of Treasury Report

Following last week’s release of the U.S. Treasury Department’s capital markets regulatory reform report, SFIG is pleased to provide our Position Matrix that is an in-depth analysis of the report's key proposals which could impact the structured finance and securitization markets.

The report represents the second in a series that the Treasury Department plans to release. Each report will address opportunities for regulatory reform in different areas of the U.S. financial system (including capital markets, asset management and insurance, and non-bank financial institutions and fintech).

We believe there are many positive proposals contained in this report, which are both consistent with recommendations made by SFIG and supportive of securitization as a key source of funding for the real economy. To the extent that we believe there may be specific policy topics that present opportunities for further scrutiny, we look forward to continuing to work with the Treasury Department, the other relevant regulatory agencies, and Congress to bring about rational reform. For SFIG’s overview of the Treasury report, please see our Fact Sheet.

For any questions regarding this Fact Sheet, please contact Thomas.McCrocklin@sfindustry.org or Kristin.Eagan@sfindustry.org.

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