July 19, 2017 Alert - SFIG Welcomes New Board of Directors

SFIG held its Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, June 28th, and elected its new Board, effective immediately. Thirteen new organizations were added to the Board, replacing those rotating off. Howard Kaplan of Deloitte & Touche LLP was elected Chairman of the Board, Chris Abate of Redwood Trust was elected Vice Chair, and Reed Auerbach of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP was elected Secretary. Michele Olds of Nationstar Mortgage LLC will remain in the position of Treasurer. Please click here to view SFIG's newly elected Board of Directors.

SFIG’s Board of Directors is comprised of 42 individuals representing member firms. The SFIG Board represents its key member groups including investors, banks, issuers, accounting firms, rating agencies, law firms, servicers, research firms, trustees, and four at-large representatives.

The Board will continue to set the strategic direction for SFIG and oversee management of the affairs of the organization, including directing policy initiatives; advising on advocacy efforts; organizing educational events; and ensuring that the organization properly represents the full spectrum of its members' views.

New Board members and Board officers are elected for a two-year term. SFIG is committed to rotating a significant portion of Board members each year. By doing so, not only does the association ensure it benefits from fresh perspectives, but it also enables full transparency into its governance process with all member institutions able to participate in the nomination and election process.

SFIG is grateful to our retiring Board members for their leadership and dedication during the past year and looks forward to their continued contributions to SFIG and the industry.

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