IOSCO Publishes Blockchain Research Report

On February 15th, the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) released a new report on developing financial technologies. The research report highlights the growing intersection between fintech and securities markets across a number of critical business areas, including financing platforms, robo-advisory services, innovations in bond trading and applications of distributed ledger tech.

The report also notes the way in which regulators are adopting differing tactics to deal with emerging fintech platforms. IOSCO writes that national regulators need to elevate their discussions to the international stage.

"Fintech evolution is taking place in the context of various global trends, including but not limited to the growth of computing power enabling analysis of ever larger data sets, broader accessibility of goods and services, and disintermediation and re-intermediation," noted the report. "These trends in turn are happening against the backdrop of demographic and generational changes," concluded the report. "The global nature of fintech creates challenges that regulators should address through international cooperation and the exchange of information."

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