House Members Call for Government to Support Blockchain

Last Thursday, July 14th, Representatives Adam Kinzinger (R-IN) and Tony Cardenas (D-CA) introduced a non-binding resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives. The resolution calls for the development of “a national policy for technology” that would include digital and blockchain technology, according to a recent CoinDesk article.

The resolution also states that blockchain technology has the potential to “fundamentally change” how trust and security are established in online transactions. It also highlights how alternative currencies are “leveraging technology” to increase transparency in ways that can replace the “decades-old payment technology” used by financial institutions.

"The US should develop a national policy to encourage the development of tools for consumers to learn and protect their assets in a way that maximizes the promise customized, connected devices hold to empower consumers, foster future economic growth, create new commerce and new markets,” according to the resolution. It has been initially welcomed from advocates of technology working on Capitol Hill, according to CoinDesk.

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