ERISA Working Group Issuer-Only Kick-Off Call

SFIG has established an ERISA Working Group with a principal goal of comprehensively reviewing ERISA provisions as they relate to structured finance – and, where appropriate, developing industry recommendations and/or industry interpretations.

The Working Group's initial undertaking is to create a draft list of ERISA provisions, or proposed provisions, that would benefit from industry discussion. SFIG will begin building this list within individual SFIG's constituency committees, including the Investor Committee, Issuer Committee, Trustee Committee and potentially other Committees.

To that end, SFIG is convening an ERISA Working Group issuer-only call at 2:00 p.m. this Friday, February 2nd. A Trustee-only call will be scheduled within the next week.

If you are interested in joining the Working Group, or would like more information about this call, please reach out to

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