Congressman Kustoff: Why We’ve Started Crafting Legislation to Roll Back Dodd-Frank

In an op-ed piece on the CNBC website, Rep. David Kustoff (R-TN) writes that the Dodd-Frank Act has stifled the economic dreams of half of Americans. The Congressman notes that some geographic areas and sectors of the economy have seen a post-recession recovery, and that figures such as a rising stock market show signs of prosperity. However, he writes, other geographic areas and sectors of the economy have not experienced that recovery to the same degree. He then writes about how serving on the board of BankTennessee, a bank in Western Tennessee, gave him insight into the struggles faced by smaller regional banks and their customers, and that many of those struggles are due to the complexity and costs associated with regulatory compliance under Dodd-Frank. He states that it was this experience that led him to run for Congress, and, once elected, to serve on the House Financial Services Committee. It was that committee that announced plans last week to introduce legislation to overhaul Dodd-Frank by the end of April.

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