China Securitization Forum Nomination Process Now Open

The China Securitization Forum's ("CSF") Board of Directors, Standing Committees and Member Committees are being formed now. The CSF Nominating Committee has begun preparations for elections. The nominating process will conclude on January 31, 2016. The CSF welcomes securitization professionals to actively apply for positions as CSF officers and to participate in the ongoing construction of CSF.

Individuals that are interested in China's growing securitization market are welcome to join CSF as individual members. Registration is free of charge. CSF will create a unique online personal membership account for each individual member. CSF individual members may use their online personal membership accounts to manage their personal information, participate in CSF-sponsored group discussions and engage in various other activities.

If you are interested in joining SFIG's Chinese Market Committee and learning more about our partnership with the CSF, please contact

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