Blockchain Expected for Post-Trade Use within Five Years

A recent survey by the Post-Trade Distributed Ledger Group found that blockchain could become mainstream in just a couple of years, with benefits such as better transparency, shorter settlement cycles and cost savings, according to a recent Pensions & Investments article.

Specifically, 81 percent of the survey respondents said that operational cost savings will be a benefit of blockchain use in post-trade processes, where the buyer and the seller compare trade details, approve the transaction, change records of ownership and arrange for the transfer of securities and cash, while 67 percent said benefits would be seen on reduced settlement cycles and 43 percent said there'd be additional post-trade transparency.

SFIG's Blockchain Task Force is focused on identifying and enabling opportunities within structured finance where blockchain may enhance capital markets transparency, investor confidence, and sustainable liquidity. If you would like to join the task force, please contact

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