August 2, 2016 Alert - Women in Securitization: Today’s Profile - Nancy Mueller Handal
August 2, 2016



SFIG and Women in Securitization (“WiS”) is proud to launch WiS Week 2016!

This week, SFIG member firms are hosting 10 roundtables in 7 cities in the U.S. and Canada. The theme of WiS Week 2016 is “Empowering Women to Succeed,” and at each event we will present and discuss customized content for women on successfully Negotiating for Yourself.

Women in Securitization: Today's Profile

In connection with WiS Week 2016, SFIG is pleased to share profiles of accomplished women in securitization in recognition of the strides that they have made in their careers, and the contributions they have made to SFIG, the industry and their organizations. Not only are these individuals' accomplishments impressive in their own right, but their experience and insight serve as inspiration to women just beginning their careers.

Today, we invite you to meet Nancy Mueller Handal, Senior Managing Director and Head of Global Structured Products with MetLife Investments. Prior to leading the Structured Products Group, Nancy was the head of the Global Structured Finance group at MetLife.  Since joining MetLife Investments in 2000, she advanced through positions of increasing responsibility within Structured Finance including the Head of RMBS, Agency and Non Agency RMBS trader and portfolio manager, and Global ABS credit analyst.  Nancy is very active in providing the Structured Finance Investor viewpoint and working to improve Investor rights and alignment for both legacy and new issue securities. Nancy is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a member of the NYSSA, the Women’s Bond Club, Women in Securitization, and on the Board of Directors of the Structured Finance Industry Group.  She is the Executive Sponsor of Families at MetLife and a member of MetLife’s Organizational Health Council.  Nancy earned her B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from The University of Michigan and MBA in Finance and Accounting, from The University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business. Nancy also serves on the Executive Committee.

How many years have you been in the securitization industry?

16 short years

How did you get started in the field of securitization? 

I started right out of Grad School (MBA) – I had never even heard of Structured Finance before reading the job posting.  I was intrigued. 

What do you think women uniquely provide to the work place environment, especially in structured finance

I think women have an ability to take the long view, have an open mind and come at problems from all angles (patience and problem solving skills).  These are extremely valuable assets when it comes to structured finance.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a woman thinking about starting a career in structured finance? 

Work hard, dig into the details, don’t be afraid to take your seat at the table.  Some of the best ideas often come from the most junior people as they have a fresh view – share those ideas! 

Compared to when you entered the field, have the problems women face in securitization changed? Have they gotten better or worse? 

I think we’re facing many of the same problems given the continued lack of female representation.  However, I think that things are slightly better now that we are acknowledging the need for diversity of opinion and now that WiS has entered the picture!

Did you have any female mentors that helped you throughout your career? How was that helpful? 

Yes, I had the benefit of having a very senior female mentor at MetLife.  She is outside of the Investment group so was able to give me great, uncompromised, impartial advice and help me navigate the corporation outside of my area of expertise.

Do you have a family?  If so, how have you balanced your professional and personal life?  It’s a constant puzzle to find the time to do all of the important things. 

Yes.  My husband Dave, my son Charlie (8) and daughter Alexis (5).  I find that prioritizing, not sweating the small stuff and having faith that I am setting a good example for both my son and my daughter helps me through some of the tougher times.  Really, learning to give up the guilty feelings and focus on the positives.

How has your professional manner changed over time in the industry?  

I have definitely evolved and learned to be more measured in my responses and to hear out all sides before making judgements.

Have you ever taken a risk that has really paid off, or had a disappointing outcome? What did you learn from taking the risk? 

Starting the internal fund in 2009, in the midst of the abyss and seeking approval from our CIO (now CEO) to invest $1B in the very securities that led to the crisis was the biggest risk I’ve taken to date.  It definitely paid off.  I learned that doing your homework, having conviction, going against the grain and taking a risk can lead to great outcomes.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? 

LBI, NJ – simple, but it’s where I go with my kids, family and friends!




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