Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of SFIG?

SFIG was established in March 2013 with the core mission of supporting a robust and liquid securitization market, recognizing that securitization is an essential source of core funding for the real economy. Under this mission, we are dedicated to:

  1. Educating members, legislators, regulators, and other constituencies about structured finance, securitization and related capital markets,
  2. Building the Broadest Possible Consensus among members on policy, legal, regulatory and other matters affecting or potentially affecting the industry
  3. Advocating with respect to policy, legal, regulatory and other matters affecting or potentially affecting the industry, and
  4. Core Principles of Governance, Financial Transparency, Inclusion and respectful accommodation of divergent member views.

To learn more, please refer to the About SFIG section of our website.

Who is on SFIG’s Board of Directors?

SFIG’s Board of Directors (Board) consists of representatives from 40 member organizations. The Board oversees all of SFIG’s activities including directing policy initiatives, advising on advocacy efforts, organizing educational events and ensuring the organization properly represents the full spectrum of views of its members. 

A full list of SFIG’s Board of Directors is available here.

Where is SFIG’s office based?

SFIG’s office is located at 1776 I Street NW Suite 501 Washington, D.C. 20006. The main number is 202-524-6300.

Direct contact information for SFIG’s staff is available here.

What are SFIG’s advocacy committees and what are their eligibility requirements?

A list of SFIG’s standing committees, as well as contact information for specific committee co-chairs is available here. Eligibility requirements are also listed. Specific task-force advocacy efforts will be established as needed.

Are individuals eligible to join SFIG?

Yes, individuals are welcome to join SFIG. Individual members are welcome at SFIG events (i.e., seminars, conferences, etc.) and will receive updates on the activities of SFIG. Individuals may join as a non-voting member ($250 annual dues). Individual members do not participate in advocacy efforts or have voting rights.

Our Individual category is intended for individuals who are currently out of a job, retired, non-students, or have stepped away from the industry. If the individual is employed at a firm, the company would need to join as an institutional member to gain access.

Please note that all individual memberships will be at the discretion of the Board of SFIG. It is generally expected, in the case of individuals employed by eligible institutions, that the membership in SFIG will be held by the institution.

Please refer to the Membership section of our website for further information.

What are SFIG’s membership dues?

SFIG’s schedule of membership dues can be found here.

How do I join?

Please complete this membership application and an invoice for membership dues will be sent typically within seven business days. Membership categories are by market function and by size of institution. SFIG also welcomes individuals as potential members (see FAQ above).

I’m interested in learning more, who can I talk to?

SFIG is interested in speaking to potential new members. Please contact to express your interest in becoming a member of SFIG.

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