SFIG Library
Title Date Type
Lehman Amicus Curiae Brief In Support of Defendants-Appellees 11/02/2018 SFIG Amicus Briefs and related legal filings
Paul McCulley: Teton Reflections 09/01/2007 Speeches
Money Market Fund Reform Final Rule 02/23/2010 Regulatory - Final Rule
Asset-Backed Securities Proposed Rule 05/03/2010 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
Regulation AB II Proposed Rule 05/03/2010 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
Financial Crisi Inquiry Commission Shadow Banking and the Financial Crisis 05/04/2010 Reports & Research Papers
World Privacy Forum Comment Letter 08/20/2010 Resource
SEC 17 CFR Parts 229, 232, 240 and 249: 17g-5/17g-7 Final Rule 03/28/2011 Regulatory - Final Rule
Proposed Rule Margin Requirements for Uncleared Swaps 04/28/2011 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
Credit Risk Retention Extension of Comment Period 06/03/2011 Other
Regulation AB II Re-proposal 07/26/2011 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
FSB Shadow Banking Oversight and Regulation 10/27/2011 Reports & Research Papers
Credit Risk Retention Proposal 10/29/2011 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
Volcker Rule Proposed Rule 11/07/2011 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
SEC Follow Up Review of Dodd Frank Cost-Benefit Analyses 01/27/2012 Reports & Research Papers
Authority To Require Supervision and Regulation of Certain Nonbank Financial Companies Final Rule 04/11/2012 Regulatory - Final Rule
SEC Report to Congress Credit Ratings Standardization 09/07/2012 Reports & Research Papers
FRB: Shadow Banking, A Review of the Literature 10/01/2012 Reports & Research Papers
FHFA Securitization White Paper 10/04/2012 Reports & Research Papers
FSB 2012 Global Shadow Banking Monitoring Report 11/18/2012 Reports & Research Papers
Report to Congress on Assigned Credit Ratings 12/18/2012 Reports & Research Papers
Financial Instruments—Credit Losses (Subtopic 825-15) 12/20/2012 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
Financial Instruments: Expected Credit Losses 03/01/2013 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
S&P Global SF Default Study 1978-2012 03/30/2013 Reports & Research Papers
Agenda Item Request Form - City of Richmond Resolution 04/02/2013 Other
Agenda Report - City of Richmond Resolution 04/02/2013 Other
FHFA Progress Report on Securitization Infrastructure 04/30/2013 Reports & Research Papers
Comment Letter FASB Financial Instruments Proposals 05/31/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
SEC Credit Ratings Roundtable 06/06/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
Corker-Warner Housing Finance Reform and Taxpayer Protection Act (S. 1217) Text 06/25/2013 Legislation - Passed by Committee
Corker-Warner Bill Summary 06/25/2013 Legislation - Summary
Joint Trades Comment Letter BCBS Large Exposure Proposed Framework 06/28/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
Comment Letter FHFA Progress Report on the Common Securitization Infrastructure 06/30/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
PATH Act Section-by-Section Summary 07/11/2013 Legislation - Summary
Protecting American Taxpayers and Homeowners (PATH) Act of 2013 Text 07/11/2013 Legislation - Passed by Committee
RFC Auto Dealer Floorplan Rating Methodology 07/29/2013 Request for Comment/Discussion Paper/Etc.
Credit Risk Retention Re-proposed Rule 08/13/2013 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
Comment Letter EBA Proposed EU Securitization Regulations 08/21/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
Comment Letter CFPB Ability to Repay Qualified Mortgage Standards 08/21/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
Dissenting Statement of Commissioner Gallagher Concerning Risk Retention Re-Proposal 08/28/2013 Resource
Policy Framework for Addressing Shadow Banking Risks in Securities Lending and Repos 08/29/2013 Reports & Research Papers
An Overview of Policy Recommendations for Shadow Banking 08/29/2013 Reports & Research Papers
SFIG Memorandum of Law as Amicus 08/29/2013 SFIG Amicus Briefs and related legal filings
G20 Roadmap Towards Strengthened Oversight and Regulation of Shadow Banking 09/05/2013 Resource
Testimony on Essential Elements of Housing Finance Reform 09/12/2013 SFIG Testimony
SFIG-SIFMA-AFME Request for Comment Extension re: Risk Retention 09/16/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
Comment Letter SEC Money Market Fund Reform 09/17/2013 SFIG Comment Letter

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