SFIG Library
Title Date Type
Joint Agencies Letter to Chairman Hensarling 04/07/2014 Resource
Mark Carney Letter to G20 Leaders: Financial Reform, Update on Progress 04/04/2014 Reports & Research Papers
Speech: The Age of Asset Management 04/04/2014 Speeches
HOME Forward Act Detailed Summary 03/27/2014 Legislation - Summary
HOME Forward Act Section-by-Section Summary 03/27/2014 Legislation - Summary
Housing Opportunities Move the Economy (HOME) Forward Act of 2014 Text 03/27/2014 Legislation - Proposed
The Impaired EU Securitisation Market: Causes, Roadblocks and How to Deal With Them 03/27/2014 Reports & Research Papers
Comment Letter Basel Securitization Framework 03/24/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
OCC Analysis: Cost of Volcker Rule 03/20/2014 Reports & Research Papers
Johnson-Crapo Bill Detailed Summary 03/16/2014 Legislation - Summary
Johnson-Crapo Bill Section-by-Section Summary 03/16/2014 Legislation - Summary
Johnson-Crapo Housing Finance Reform and Taxpayer Protection Act (S. 1217) Text 03/16/2014 Legislation - Passed by Committee
Maloney Amendment to H.R. 4167 03/14/2014 Legislation - Proposed
SFIG Extension Request 03/10/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
H.R. 4167 Restoring Proven Financing for American Employers Act 03/07/2014 Legislation - Proposed
Testimony: Dodd-Franks Impact on Asset Backed Securities 02/26/2014 SFIG Testimony
Memo re: Asset-Level Data 02/25/2014 Fact Sheet
Re-Opening of Comment Period 02/25/2014 Request for Comment
SFIG Comment Letter to SEC on Revisions to Schedule L 02/18/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
House Democrats Letter on Volcker-CLOs 02/12/2014 Resource
Letter of Support for SFIG LCR Letter 01/31/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
Volcker Rule Final Rule 01/31/2014 Regulatory - Final Rule
Joint Trades Comments LCR Liquidity Risk Measurement, Standards and Monitoring 01/31/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
Comment Letter Proposed Liquidity Coverage Ratio Requirement 01/31/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Comments re: OSFI LAR Guideline 01/24/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
CSA Notification of Publication and RFC on National Instruments Proposal 01/23/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
BCBS Consultative Document Basel III Net Stable Funding Ratio 01/12/2014 Request for Comment/Discussion Paper/Etc.
Joint Trades 3rd Volcker Letter re: CLO Ownership Interests 01/10/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG LSTA Risk Retention Comment Letter 01/10/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
BCBS Basel III: The Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Liquidity Risk Monitoring Tools 01/01/2014 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
SFIG-LSTA Supplemental Letter Ownership Interests Under Volcker 12/31/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
SEC Report on Findings of Examination of NSROs 12/24/2013 Reports & Research Papers
SEC Report to Congress on NSROs 12/24/2013 Reports & Research Papers
SFIG-LSTA Comments CLO Ownership Interests under Volcker 12/24/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
BCBS 269 Revisions to the Securitization Framework 12/19/2013 Request for Comment/Discussion Paper/Etc.
Volcker Rule Joint Agencies’ Fact Sheet 12/10/2013 Fact Sheet
OSFI Draft Liquidity Adequacy Requirements Guidelines 12/02/2013 Fact Sheet
LCR Proposed Rule Liquidity Risk Measurement, Standards, and Monitoring 11/29/2013 Legislation - Proposed
FSB 2013 Global Shadow Banking Monitoring Report 11/14/2013 Reports & Research Papers
FSB OTC Derivatives Report 11/14/2013 Reports & Research Papers
SFIG Response to Senate Banking Committee Questions 11/06/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
Comment Letter Credit Risk Retention Re-Proposal 10/30/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
OFR Asset Managers and Financial Stability 09/30/2013 Reports & Research Papers
SFIG Comments Auto Dealer Floorplan Rating Methodology 09/27/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
Comment Letter SEC Money Market Fund Reform 09/17/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG-SIFMA-AFME Request for Comment Extension re: Risk Retention 09/16/2013 SFIG Comment Letter
Testimony on Essential Elements of Housing Finance Reform 09/12/2013 SFIG Testimony

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