SFIG Library
Title Date Type
SFIG Risk Retention Briefing Book 11/05/2014 SFIG Briefing Book
Basel Final Net Stable Funding Ratio 10/31/2014 Regulatory - Final Rule
SFIG NRSRO Briefing Book 10/21/2014 SFIG Briefing Book
FDIC Memorandum on Final Credit Risk Retention Rule 10/21/2014 Regulatory - Final Rule
SEC Credit Risk Retention Final Rule 10/21/2014 Regulatory - Final Rule
SFIG Liquidity Coverage Ratio Briefing Book 10/16/2014 SFIG Briefing Book
EBA Discussion Paper on simple, standard and transparent securitisations 10/14/2014 Consultative Document/Discussion Paper
SFIG Money Market Fund Reform Comment Letter 10/13/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Comment Letter on FHFA Proposed Single Security Structure 10/13/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Truth In Lending Act Amicus Curiae Brief 09/23/2014 SFIG Amicus Briefs and related legal filings
Joseph Smith ABS East Speech 09/23/2014 Speeches
Fact Sheet: CFTC Proposed Margin Requirements for Uncleared Swaps 09/17/2014 Fact Sheet
CFTC Proposed Margin Requirements for Uncleared Swaps 09/17/2014 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
SFIG Regulation AB II Briefing Book 09/01/2014 SFIG Briefing Book
SFIG In Depth Summary of Regulation AB II 09/01/2014 SFIG Educational/Committee Material
FRB Notice of Final Rulemaking re: Liquidity Coverage Ratio 08/29/2014 Other
SEC NRSRO Final Rules 08/27/2014 Regulatory - Final Rule
SEC Regulation AB II Final Rule 08/27/2014 Regulatory - Final Rule
Regulation AB II Proposed Rules Not Being Adopted At This Time 08/27/2014 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
SFIG Comment Letter to Treasury re: Questions on PLS Market 08/22/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
Project RMBS 3.0 First Edition Green Papers 08/06/2014 SFIG Educational Material
Janet Yellen Speech at the Financial Markets Conference 08/06/2014 Speeches
Identifying Non-Bank, Non-Insurer Globally Systemically Important Financial Institutions 08/05/2014 Request for Comment/Discussion Paper/Etc.
H.R. 5055 Himes-Carney Housing Finance Reform bill 08/04/2014 Legislation - Proposed
SEC General NSRO portal 07/24/2014 Resource
SEC Act of 1934 Rules 17g-1 through 17g-7 07/24/2014 Resource
Money Market Fund Reform Re-proposed Amendments 07/23/2014 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
Money Market Fund Proposed Exemptive Order 07/23/2014 Regulatory - Proposed Rule
Money Market Fund Reform Final Rule, Amendments for Form PF 07/23/2014 Regulatory - Final Rule
SFIG Comment Letter re: ECB-BoE Discussion Paper 07/14/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
Questionnaire to market participants on developments in securitisation markets 07/03/2014 Request for Comment
Comment Letter Treatment of ABS Issuers as “Low-Risk Financial End Users” 06/27/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
Speech: Treasury’s Lew Unveils Affordable Housing Plan 06/26/2014 Speeches
Treasury Seeks Public Comment On The Development of a Responsible PLS Market 06/26/2014 Speeches
SFIG No Action Request 06/20/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Response to Moody’s proposed Approach to Rating Credit Card ABS 06/16/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
Yves Mersch Remarks at IMN Global ABS Conference 06/11/2014 Speeches
FHFA Request for Input on Guarantee Fees 06/07/2014 Request for Comment/Discussion Paper/Etc.
The case for a better securitization market in the European Union 05/30/2014 Consultative Document/Discussion Paper
Johnson-Crapo Manager Amendment 2 05/15/2014 Legislation - Passed by Committee
Johnson-Crapo Manager Amendment 98 05/15/2014 Legislation - Passed by Committee
Moody’s RFC on Approach to Rating Credit Card Receivables-Backed Securities 04/28/2014 Request for Comment/Discussion Paper/Etc.
Regulation AB II Comments 04/28/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Comments re: CSA Proposed Securitized Products Amendments 04/23/2014 SFIG Comment Letter
Comment Letter BCBS Proposed Net Stable Funding Ratio 04/11/2014 SFIG Comment Letter

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