SFIG Library
Title Date Type
SFIG and AuSF Request for Permanent Extraterritoriality Exemption from Requirements of Rule 17g-5 07/19/2017 SFIG Comment Letter
Request for No-Action Relief for SPVs from Variation Margin Compliance to CFTC Commissioners 07/11/2017 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Proposed Amicus Brief in LBSF v. Bank of America, et al. (Case No. 17-cv-01224) 06/16/2017 SFIG Amicus Briefs and related legal filings
SFIG Comments on Second Consultative Document re: Identification and Measurement of Step-In Risk 05/15/2017 SFIG Comment Letter
Joint Comments on FINRA’s Report on DLT: Implications of Blockchain for the Securities Industry 03/31/2017 SFIG Comment Letter
Applying blockchain in securitization: opportunities for reinvention 02/27/2017 SFIG Educational Material
Request for Temporary Relief from March 1, 2017 Variation Margin Compliance Date 02/06/2017 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Response to OCC RFC - Exploring Special Purpose National Bank Charters for Fintech Companies 01/13/2017 SFIG Comment Letter
RMBS 3.0 Fourth Edition Green Papers 11/16/2016 SFIG Educational Material
SFIG’s Supplemental Reg AB II Comment Letter - Student Loan ABS Disclosure 06/15/2016 SFIG Comment Letter
Deloitte UK Blockchain Report: Enigma. Paradox. Opportunity 05/02/2016 SFIG Committee Material
CFPB Director Cordray Letter to Joint Trades on TRID 04/27/2016 Resource
SFIG Comments on Consultative Document re: Identification and Measurement of Step-In Risk 03/17/2016 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Comment Letter on Consultative Document re: Capital Treatment for STC Securitizations 02/05/2016 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Reply in Support of Motion for Leave to File Amicus Brief 01/19/2016 SFIG Amicus Briefs and related legal filings
SFIG Regulation AB II Supplemental Comment Letter re: Outstanding Proposed Rules 01/12/2016 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG and SIFMA Amicus Brief Regarding Lehman Brothers Special Financing V. Bank of America Et Al 12/21/2015 SFIG Amicus Briefs and related legal filings
SFIG RMBS 3.0 3rd Edition Green Papers 11/10/2015 SFIG Educational Material
Joint Trades HOA Super Lien Letter 11/10/2015 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Comments on Moody’s RFC on Proposed Changes to Rating Methodology for FFELP SLABS 10/30/2015 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Comment Letter on FHFA’s Update on the Single Security 10/07/2015 SFIG Comment Letter
SFIG Comment Letter - Treasury Request for Input on Marketplace Lending 09/30/2015 SFIG Comment Letter
BCBS-IOSCO Final Criteria for Identifying Simple, Transparent and Comparable Securitisations 07/23/2015 Regulatory - Final Rule
Moody’s: Legal Uncertainty for ABS Backed by Bank-Originated P2P Loans (Registration required) 07/20/2015 Reports & Research Papers
Treasury Request for Input Online Marketplace Lending 07/20/2015 Request for Comment
SFIG and SIFMA Amicus Curiae in Madden 06/26/2015 SFIG Amicus Briefs and related legal filings
SFIG Comment Letter regarding Outstanding Pool Asset Disclosure Proposals 06/23/2015 SFIG Comment Letter
Morgan Stanley Research Paper Can P2P Lending Reinvent Banking 06/17/2015 Reports & Research Papers
SFIG Comment Letter to the EC on simple, transparent and standardized securitization 05/13/2015 SFIG Comment Letter
Moody’s Report: Understand the Risks of Marketplace Lending Securitizations (Registration Required) 05/04/2015 Reports & Research Papers

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