SFIG & IMN ABS Vegas 2014

What SFIG Executive Director Richard Johns had to say about the event...

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

As the curtain closes on ABS Vegas 2014, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this conference an unequivocal success.

Despite the wretched weather on the East coast, the vast majority of over 5,600 registered attendees found their way West and were treated to a simply incredible inaugural conference. Attendees benefitted from over 50 packed panels and more than 220 speakers, two insightful and charismatic keynote speeches from Dr. Michael Stegman (Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury for Housing Finance Policy) and Chris Cox (Former Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission), multiple meetings between SFIG membership and regulatory authorities, packed one-on-one meeting rooms, fabulous exhibits and of course, who could forget the opening night extravaganza put on by our friends at VantageScore? I believe this industry has spoken loud and clear, establishing ABS Vegas, not only as the marquee winter gathering of the industry, but as the leading capital markets conference globally.

Over the course of the conference I lost count of the number of people who congratulated me on the success of the conference – praise that I reluctantly accept on a personal basis, but enthusiastically receive on behalf of you, the Industry.

It is the combination of outstanding partnership with IMN and you, the Industry and the membership of SFIG, who made this conference what it was. Routed in incredible leadership from key individuals, empowered through the support and sponsorship of virtually every key industry institution, and ultimately endorsed by over 5,600 individuals.

I am truly humbled by the efforts of so many of you, the members and participants of the Structured Finance Industry, for your outstanding contributions in making this event such an incredible success.

Thank you!
…and see you at ABS Vegas 2015.

With kindest regards,

Richard A. Johns

Richard A. Johns

Executive Director

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