GSE Reform Task Force

SFIG’s GSE Reform Task Force advocates for a return to a historically normal balance in the funding mix of the U.S. housing market, between government guaranteed MBS issuance, bank portfolio lending, and private-label MBS issuance. In pursuing this goal, the Task Force will:

  • Publish white papers defining SFIG’s position on various issues related to achieving its long term regarding the GSEs including reducing GSE scope, adjusting capital standards, promoting competition, and maintaining stability;
  • Educate SFIG members on legislative, regulatory and policy developments affecting the ongoing operations of the GSEs, as well as their future state
  • Provide market-informed feedback to policy makers to serve as the go-to source for industry knowledge and experience; and
  • Proactively develop and promote strategies to advocate for a return of private capital to the secondary mortgage market.

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