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SFIG's office is located at:

1775 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 625
Washington, DC 20006

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The main office telephone number is (202) 524-6300

General email inquiries should be directed to

Richard Johns
Executive Director

202-524-6301 (T)
571-296-6017 (C)

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Sairah Burki
Head of ABS Policy

202-524-6302 (T)
703-201-4294 (C)

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Covell Adams
Chief Administrative Officer

202-847-4546 (T)
202-770-6665 (C)

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Dan Goodwin
Head of RMBS and CMBS Policy

202-524-6303 (T)
202-494-8147 (C)

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Leslie Sack
Head of Government Relations

202-524-6304 (T)
202-841-4012 (C)

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Jennifer Wolfe
Senior Manager, ABS Policy

202-524-6312 (T)
917-414-3095 (C)

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Alyssa Acevedo
Manager, ABS Policy

202-524-6309 (T)
202-505-0459 (C)

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Dallin Merrill
Manager, MBS Policy

202-524-6306 (T)
202-400-0540 (C)

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Bahar Caulfield
Events Manager

(202) 847-4551 (T)
(202) 945-7136 (C)

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Brittany Hinca
Marketing Manager

202-847-4548 (T)
202-770-5745 (C)

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Chelsea Augustine
Events Manager

202-524-6314 (T)
443-975-1723 (C)

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Sarah Mullane
Digital Media and Marketing Manager

202-524-6311 (T)
202-494-1150 (C)

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Jennifer Serpas
Office Manager

202-524-6305 (T)
202-505-0229 (C)

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Vanessa Gray
Events Analyst

(202) 847-4549 (T)
(202) 494-7131 (C)

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William Innes
Analyst, MBS Policy

202-847-4547 (T)
202-770-5614 (C)

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Joseph Lin
Data Analyst

202-524-6313 (T)
202-400-0660 (C)

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Michael Williams
Analyst, ABS Policy

202-524-6307 (T)
202-744-1971 (C)

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