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Thank You for Making ABS Vegas 2015 a Success!

Over 6,500 industry professionals registered for ABS Vegas 2015 making it indisputably the largest capital markets conference in the world.  With over 70 packed panels and more than 300 speakers, the educational content of the conference blended perfectly with the networking benefits that participants enjoyed.  SFIG and our partners at IMN want to extend a huge THANK YOU for making this conference a success.

Conference attendees may access presentations and panel recordings on IMN’s website.

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Join SFIG & IMN for the 2015 Conference of the China Securitization Forum

SFIG is pleased to support the 2015 Annual Conference of the China Securitization Forum (“CSF”), taking place March 24-25, 2015 at the JW Marriott Hotel, Beijing. The event, hosted by CSF and IMN, will bring together leading investors, issuers, regulators, international financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, rating agencies, servicers and more for two days of programming covering various topics important to this quickly growing market.

Registration is available here and members interested in learning more should email Alyssa Acevedo to join SFIG’s Chinese Market Committee.

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BCBS-IOSCO Consult on "Simple, Transparent and Comparable" ABS

SFIG responded to the BCBS/IOSCO consultative document entitled “Criteria for identifying simple, transparent and comparable securitisations.” SFIG’s High Quality Securitization Task Force, with Hogan Lovells serving as drafting counsel, provided thoughtful feedback on both the concept of “simple, transparent and comparable securitisations” and the best way in which to implement such a structure.

SFIG looks forward to continued dialogue with global policymakers on the concept of high quality securitizations. Contact Amanda Batemanto learn more.

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EC Consults on Simple, Transparent and Standardized Securitization

SFIG will be commenting on the European Commission’s (“EC”) consultation document regarding simple, transparent and standardized securitization. The EC cites recent proposals by the European Central Bank and Bank of England, the European Banking Authority, and the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision and International Organization of Securities Commissions, all of which SFIG commented on.

Comments are due on May 13, 2015 and SFIG will hold its first call, via the High Quality Securitization Task Force, on March 3rd at 10am (ET). Contact Amanda Bateman to join.

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SFIG Working Through Regulation AB II Comment Letter

Following the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission's adoption of a final Regulation AB II rule, SFIG began its work on the development of a comment letter on the proposed rules that remain outstanding. To join this effort, please contact Alyssa Acevedo.

To learn more about Regulation AB II, please see SFIG’s high-level summary of the final rule here and in-depth review here, both of which were prepared by Stephen S. Kudenholdt, Partner, Dentons LLP.

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Stay Current with SFIG’s Legislative and Regulatory Briefing Books

SFIG’s Briefing Books are in-depth reference guides for securitization professionals looking to stay current on policy issues affecting the industry. For example, read SFIG’s Briefing Books on the Risk Retention, Regulation AB II, Liquidity Coverage Ratio and NRSRO Due Diligence final rules provide a helpful discussion on how these new rules might impact different elements of the securitization industry.

SFIG is also developing industry guides which will focus on the establishment of consensus positions and best practices for critical elements of the rules. Learn more.

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Join an SFIG Committee and Lead the Industry

SFIG’s more than 50 committees and task forces allow its members to shape the future of the securitization industry through the exchange of ideas, development of policy positions, and creation of industry best-practices. Whether you are interested in a specific asset class, industry sector, regulation, legislation, issue or subject matter, SFIG has a committee for you! Login to SFIG’s website and join a committee today.

Need an account? SFIG members can register for access here.

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Mark Your Calendars for ABS East!

The Structured Finance Industry Group is proud to be the Lead Association Partner for IMN’s 21st Annual ABS East Conference, taking place September 16-18, 2015 at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. Last year’s event welcomed nearly 4,000 industry participants, which included over 1,600 investors and issuers, a new record for the ABS East franchise. Registration will be opening soon, so mark your calendars today!

We look forward to seeing you in Miami this September.

Annual Conference
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SFIG and IMN want to extend a huge THANK YOU for making ABS Vegas 2015 a success. Over 6,500 industry professionals registered for ABS Vegas 2015 making it indisputably the largest capital markets conference in the world.

Conference attendees may access presentations and panel recordings on IMN’s website.

Latest Advocacy
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SFIG's High Quality Securitization ("HQS") Task Force commented on IOSCO and BCBS' IOSCO and BCBS' criteria for simple, transparent and comparable securitizations on February 13, 2015. SFIG also recently commented on the EBA's proposal regarding HQS.

Read about SFIG's latest initiative.

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SFIG’s membership continues to grow in both numbers and diversity.

There are currently more than 270 institutions representing all segments of the securitization industry contributing to our membership-driven agenda.

We encourage you to apply for membership today.

About SFIG

SFIG was established with the core mission of supporting a robust and liquid securitization market, recognizing that securitization is an essential source of core funding for the real economy. Under this mission, we are dedicated to:

1) Educating members, legislators, regulators, and other constituencies about structured finance, securitization and related capital markets,

2) Building the Broadest Possible Consensus among members on policy, legal, regulatory and other matters affecting or potentially affecting the industry

3) Advocating with respect to policy, legal, regulatory and other matters affecting or potentially affecting the industry, and

4) Core Principles of Governance, Financial Transparency, Inclusion and respectful accommodation of divergent member views.

We provide a representative and transparent member-driven platform for industry education and advocacy. While we are based in Washington, DC, our members’ interests extend globally.

We boast more than 270 institutional members (and growing), including investors, issuers, and all other participants in the structured finance industry. As a member-driven organization our advocacy is committee-based, with over 50 committees and taskforces actively engaged in representing broad industry viewpoints across all aspects of the regulatory and legislative agenda.

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